Escape room «Scary Circus» for the shopping mall RIO

As part of Halloween celebration at the Trade and Entertainment Center «RIO» on Leninskiy avenue, there was installed the «Scary Circus» mobile escape room with an actor.

In a structure of about 40 square meters we have installed a full featured escape room of several rooms. Our scriptwriters have developed a new script with participation of an actor and a detailed description of the role especially for this version of this escape room. We designed the escape room to fit the interior decorations of the Trade and Entertainment Center. The final structure had the shape of a geodesic dome 7 meters in diameter and 6 meters high. The whole installation procedure of the escape room took 4 hours and the disassembly – 2 hours.

The expected completion time of the «Scary Circus» escape room is 20 minutes by a team of up to 4 players. During the week of the escape room’s operation at the Trade and Entertainment Center «RIO», it was visited by more than 130 teams.