«Network» quest – the first online quest in moscow transport

The large scale «NET» quest is the first online quest in the Moscow transport! The game was on during a month all over the Moscow Underground and the MCR. Anyone could play connecting to the WI-FI network «MosMetro_Free».

Quest tasks were grouped by metro lines with an interesting task at every station revealing a new image of the underground and its sights.

The quest was created in cooperation with Maxima-Telecom, the Wi-Fi operator of the Moscow Underground.

• Development of the game IT platform designed to withstand high loads and large amounts of quest participants. There were over 2 000 players in the game simultaneously.
• Game design.
• Quest script development and around 250 tasks to it.
• Organization and testing of the game platform and quest tasks

During the operation of the quest:
• Over 100 000 players have registered in the game.
• Over 20 000 players received prizes.
• Over 400 players completed the entire game.
• Implementation term from the beginning of development to commissioning – three weeks.