The oil production zone for «Kidzania»

For the children entertainment park «Kidzania», as part of the «Rosneft» project, we have produced a series of mock equipment used at various stages of production and sale in the oil industry:

1. Equipment for laboratory research of the oil:
- The Freezer imitates the process of freezing the test tube with oil through replacement of the loaded sample by a turn of the internal compartment. There is a LED indicator of the process «Freezing in progress» on the door of the freezer, a characteristic noise is heard. When the process is complete, the LED indicator «Ready» is lit, the door is unblocked and the players can take out the test tube with «frozen» fuel.
- The Spectrometer is a lab unit which determines the components of a substance. The players select the type of fuel placed in the chamber for analysis. Once launched, the display shows the scanning process, the analysis results are recorded.
- Flash point identification unit. A «sample» is loaded into the chamber. In the course of imitation the players observe unusual visual and sound effects inside the chamber – flame bursts, characteristic cracking and clicking. The display shows the scanning process, then lighting is turned on in the chamber, and the investigation results are shown on the display.

2. A series of items for fuel supply from the oil processing plant to a fuel truck:
- The Fuel truck tank with rear axle, bumper, lit tail lights, rubber splash guards and hose connections.
- The Wall panel with hose connections. The fuel hoses are lightweight and with fast couplings, are fixed in coils on special hangers, so that children could easily take them off and hang them back by themselves. The players shall connect the hoses hanging on the panel to the fuel truck. When the taps are opened on the fuel truck and on the fuel supply panel, the sound FX is on – an analog of the sound made by the metal ball in the connections. The hose and panel connectors have special places for installations of plastic seals. Realistic looking materials comply with all injury prevention requirements.

3. Equipment set for vehicle fueling station:
- Fuel truck – a mock back side of a fuel truck with the tank, shining tail lights, hose connections, nozzles for access to the fuel and internal reservoirs for liquids. The play activity suggests taking two types of fuel samples from the tank. Inside the tank there are two independent reservoirs for liquids which imitate the level of liquid in the tanks. The liquids are accessed through the corresponding nozzles.
- Fuel dump reservoir from the fuel truck into the fuel storage of the fueling station. Inside the reservoir there are connections for fuel hoses. There is a compartment to store the same, as well as a grounding device. The players connect the grounding device and fuel hoses to the fuel truck and to the corresponding connections in the reservoir, open the connectors, which activates the sound FX imitating ringing of the metal ball in the coupling.
- Density detector to analyze density and temperature of the fuel – a device with a small monochrome display, a control panel and a humidity sensor. Once the device is turned on and the fuel is selected, the players put the sensor into the fuel truck tank and the display shows the experiment results.
- Fuel price tower equipped with a set of internal electronics for management of four digital screens through an app in a tablet device.