The CHOCOLATE FACTORY escape room for children

The second escape room for the Family Game company was the «Chocolate Factory». For the world full of sweets and candies, we created candy caves, ice boulders, ice-cream and explosive caramel.

The bomb is an explosive caramel. The detonator has moving elements to imitate explosion. The caramel bomb is placed into the niche of the big boulder, after which it «explodes». That leads to opening of the boulder’s secret compartment with ice-cream cones of natural size and several flavors. The multicolored boulder has several orifices for the pike. When the pike is placed into the orifices, the signal is sent to the candy item and it begins to blink.

The mile stone has five indicators, four of which can rotate 360 degrees. When the spinning pointers are set to the right position, the signal is sent to open the secret compartment in the ice boulder.