Alien corpses for an escape room

Alien №1 grown in the pressure chamber. The life support tubes are connected to the pressure chamber with the alien. The liquids flow through the tubes, various lighting elements, a smoke machine and the sounds of breathing imitate life support in the chamber. The players should inject poison into one of the tubes to destroy the alien and pass the test.

Alien №2 is on the operating table. It has to be reanimated using a defibrillator. The alien’s body has a «heart» built into it, which location the players find in a clue. The user of the defibrillator activates the discharge FX which lights the eyes. If one looks into them, one can see the last images the alien saw. There are «vocal cords» in the throat which reproduce sounds audible through the phonendoscope.

The alien is made of a weld metal framework, filled out with extruded polystyrene foam. The head is cast using a sculptured form. The skin is imitated using rubber and artistic painting. There is a speaker built into the neck to imitate voice and any other sounds. There are small monitors in the eyes reproducing video from the microcomputer.