Our services

We are a full cycle production company, capable of carrying out
all stages of creation of the equipment you require.

Escape room creation and equipment for them

We've been creating escape rooms in reality for more than three years. In that time we've become a leader of this industry and we've built over 80 escape rooms all over the world. If you'd like to build an escape room, but you don't know where to start, or if you have a script, but you don't know how to make it real - ask us. We can propose solutions for creation of a state of the art escape room which will serve you for many thousand games.

Equipment for entertainment centers for children.

We create equipment and decor items for profession cities, game rooms and entertainment parts for children, which attract children of various ages. We specialize in production of interactive items, which the children are fascinated to interact with and get to know the world. We perform the full cycle of works: from idea and design documentation to assembly and commissioning.

Creation of interactive museums.

We can help you create an interactive museum – a place that makes fascinating learning the laws of science, technology and phenomena of the surrounding environment. Each visitor can take direct participation in the experiments and interact with the items exhibited, which show and tell about the production of various products, mechanics, electricity, magnetism, as well as show optical illusions, puzzles, etc.

Interactive installations for trade centers and exhibitions.

We design and install interactive items which combine dynamic lighting, multimedia and décor of the chosen style. Such installations become a visiting card and a point of attraction of the trade center or exhibition visitors.