Area:from 35 m2

Amount of players:2-5

Amount of rooms:4

Complexity level:

Price:from 17 500 €

Finally! After a lifetime of attempts, the scientists have finally succeeded to invent the time machine! The only thing left to do is stream line the production of the invention. However, the production designer has been taken to an intensive care facility with some serious illness! They say only a medicine from another time can help him. Use the only time machine we have and find the cure to help the scientist!


  • Excellent for newbies
  • Transition between the rooms using the time machine


Props checklist

  • Time machine
  • Puzzle with rolling ball and with animal figurines
  • Puzzle with pyramid
  • Shelf for the small chest
  • Small chest with a key lock and a cube
  • Panel for the sphere, cube and pyramid
  • The blowing puzzle
  • (x12) Light fake stones
  • Door with leaves and 2 locks (magnetic and common)
  • Large chest puzzle
  • Puzzle with turtles and an extruding «power source»
  • Secret stash
  • Figurine of a snake and a pillar on which it lies, rope
  • Puzzle «Fifth element» with elemental symbols
  • Dying professor
  • Other props and decorations
  • Escape room control system

Set of accompanying documents

Еscaperoom script

Layout project design for your premises

Designs of print materials used for puzzles and escaperoom decorations

Audio and video materials used in the escaperoom

The list and photos of all escaperoom items mentioned in the script

Video walkthrough of the escaperoom