Area:from 35 m2

Amount of players:2-5

Amount of rooms:4

Complexity level:

Price:from 22 500 €

A night cemetery is full of sinister mysteries. They say a vampire is buried in the central crypt and that he still wakes up and comes out of it hunting for human blood. You only have one hour to sundown. Can you kill the monster before the last ray of sun fades?


  • Astounding environment
  • Unique stone crying sculpture
  • The players get to use the full arsenal of Van Helsing: stakes, silver bullets, crossbow


Props checklist

  • Sculpture of a crying woman with a water pumping mechanism inside
  • «Holy Cross» torch
  • Door with sliding screw
  • Vertical coffin with leather map
  • Vertical coffin with clock
  • Vertical coffin with creatures
  • Horizontal coffin with gear wheel mechanism
  • Vampire hunter’s handbag with contents
  • Lattice door
  • Stuffed bat
  • Round floor tile with 6 skulls
  • Door with the secret lock
  • Sarcophagus
  • Old spade
  • Special mirrors kit
  • Large floor tiles with button function
  • Crossbow
  • Dracula
  • Moonlight headlight for the sarcophagus room
  • Ceiling lamp for the coffins room
  • Body of a dead vampire hunter
  • Decorated skeleton
  • (x4) Wall torches for the Dracula room
  • Other props and decorations
  • Escape room control system

Set of accompanying documents

Еscaperoom script

Layout project design for your premises

Designs of print materials used for puzzles and escaperoom decorations

Audio and video materials used in the escaperoom

The list and photos of all escaperoom items mentioned in the script

Video walkthrough of the escaperoom