Area:from 35 m2

Amount of players:2-5

Amount of rooms:3

Complexity level:

Price:from 23 900 €

You came into the mysterious cinema theater called «Cinema Magic». When you entered the lobby, you suddenly become aware that you’re the only visitors, the time has stopped and you’ve got to start the movie projector to restart the time. To start the film, you’ll have to solve many mysteries the cinema has in store for you and find your way into the «heart» of it: the cinema operator’s office. Can you do it? Can you restart the time?


  • Perfect for newbies
  • Has non-standard tasks themed after popular movies
  • During the game the team interacts with the operator, who plays the role of the cashier


Props checklist

  • Vending coffee machine with wallet
  • Jack the Sparrow’s Compass
  • Fridge with combination lock
  • The head of a Troll
  • R2D2 Robot
  • Harry Potter’s Magic Wand
  • (x5) Movie heroes’ figures
  • The electrical shield
  • Secret display, 4 glasses for it, video player
  • Willy Wonka’s stick with sphere on it
  • Control panel for movie posters
  • (x5) Movie posters with backlight
  • Small vending machine with capsules
  • (x2) Bottle with secret and puzzle inside
  • Movie operator control panel
  • Old movie projector with tape
  • Cinema chairs with electronics and secret compartments
  • Intercom for ticket desk
  • Big switch for light in cinema room
  • Diary in three different languages
  • DJ wooden figure
  • Real movie projector with electronics
  • Cashbox
  • Button under cashbox with ceiling mechanism to release wrap
  • (x3) Clocks to set right time
  • Escape room control system
  • Other electronics and equipment for secret places in walls: magnets and locks

Set of accompanying documents

Еscaperoom script

Layout project design for your premises

Designs of print materials used for puzzles and escaperoom decorations

Audio and video materials used in the escaperoom

The list and photos of all escaperoom items mentioned in the script

Video walkthrough of the escaperoom