Area:from 35 m2

Amount of players:2-5

Amount of rooms:4

Complexity level:

Price:from 18 000 €

Did it ever happen you that after a fun night you couldn’t remember half of the events that took place? At the same time being absolutely sure that the party was a success! That’s precisely the situation you find yourself in right now. You and your friends woke up in a locked storeroom of a bar among empty bottles which price made you think: Who’s going to pay for all this? You have only one hour till the bar opens, so it’s high time to get out of here! Pass the escape room in 47 minutes and get a free drink!


  • An escape room with humor
  • Fit for a merry noisy company
  • You can play real kicker
  • A fully functional DJ control panel
  • An original exit with a fire alarm to see the players off
  • A real bar environment


Props checklist

  • Barrel with holes and internal system of air ducts, foot pump
  • Wine cupboard with sensors and bottle stands, a set of bottles
  • Personnel lockers with code locks
  • Refrigerator with fake food
  • Cooking panel with pressure sensor and oven
  • Panel with hanging kitchen utensils
  • Microwave with FX + special mug
  • Box with wires to open the door to the main bar premises
  • Sign UV lighting
  • Special cook’s suit
  • DJ panel + lighting/sound equipment controlled by it
  • Sensor shelf, set of bottles with marks, semitransparent mirror and relay to open the door
  • Beer taps with sensors and relay to open the locker
  • Kicker with score board
  • Cash register opened by card
  • Radio-controlled car/tank with video camera and radio channel for video transmission + spare parts
  • Stand with the trophey
  • Escape room control system

Set of accompanying documents

Еscaperoom script

Layout project design for your premises

Designs of print materials used for puzzles and escaperoom decorations

Audio and video materials used in the escaperoom

The list and photos of all escaperoom items mentioned in the script

Video walkthrough of the escaperoom