Area:from 45 m2

Amount of players:2-5

Amount of rooms:4

Complexity level:

Price:from 17 900 €

Solar flares have caused all cataclysms imaginable and the humanity faces the apocalypse. Historians state that it has happened before and men of wisdom have created a device capable of preventing solar flares. The ancient Assassins’ Order has found the device and kept secret the information about it for ages. However, over time both the device itself and the knowledge about it have been lost. You are about to penetrate the memories of your ancestors, the assassins, to find the device and save the world.


  • Inspired by the game
  • Has non-standard transitions between the rooms
  • Large area escape room
  • Fit for large teams


Props checklist

  • Niche with assassin’s head
  • Secret button with lighting + door opening mechanism
  • Chest with double bottom
  • Wall secret compartments, stairs, drawers
  • Rod and niche with switch, opening mechanism
  • Locker for apple with electronics
  • Column, seal placement puzzles, seals, rotating mechanism for activation of the column
  • Ancient ceiling lamp
  • Dummy knight
  • Book shelf + books
  • Arms stand with sabers and daggers
  • Book cabinet – door
  • (x2) Torch
  • Round table
  • (x3) Chairs
  • Other props and decorations
  • Escape room control system

Set of accompanying documents

Еscaperoom script

Layout project design for your premises

Designs of print materials used for puzzles and escaperoom decorations

Audio and video materials used in the escaperoom

The list and photos of all escaperoom items mentioned in the script

Video walkthrough of the escaperoom